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Our Implementation Methodology

SAP Business One Implementation services come in many shapes and sizes. Our consulting team has taken the time from their busy schedules to share their stories of how they’ve satisfied a customers requirements for a new SAP Business One Implementation.

 AswiniTech believes that the most effective implementation approach is to work in partnership with our customers. All of our projects follow AswiniTech’s formal methodology leveraging industry best practices and our long-standing experience to minimize risk and ensure project success. We work to understand your unique business – so that you can get the most value from SAP Business One technology across your organization.

Implementation Life Cycle of SAP Business One by Aswini Integrated Technologies

The Four-Pronged Strategy

The four stages of AswiniTech’s methodology are managed by an assigned Lead Consultant to ensure consistent communication and collaboration. We will guide you through the process of implementing SAP® Business One and continue to support you once it’s up and running, through our TOTAL Care support program.

AswiniTech Consultants will work in partnership with you to provide a wealth of experience and knowledge, ensuring outcomes meet requirements and best practice learning is applied; from the Pre-sales stage through to implementation and post project analysis. Key areas during the blueprint session include:

  • Strategy development and execution
  • Program and project management
  • Risk management
  • Diagnostics and identifying business improvement opportunities
  • Change management
  • Performance analytics
  • Discovery and health-check services
  • Post-implementation reviews
  • Data migration

After the blueprint phase, we build the solution according to the documented business requirements. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Installing and configuring the application
  • Hardware upgrades, equipment and installation where necessary
  • Managing data migration
  • Designing and fulfilling connectivity

AswiniTech assists in the transition from a project-oriented, pre-production environment to a successful and live operation. AswiniTech performs software configuration, system and integration testing, and facilitates flexible end-user training sessions (online or onsite) so you can fully harness SAP Business One.

AswiniTech training sessions cover:

  • Financials & Inventory
  • Data imports
  • SAP fixed assets & intercompany
  • Queries & reports
  • Administration & Advanced features
  • Sales & purchasing

A live system isn’t the end of your new journey – it’s the beginning of new possibilities for your business. AswiniTech provides full support beyond implementation so you can maximize the value of your SAP Business One investment. Our experienced TOTAL Care Support team takes a hands-on approach to empower you to understand the SAP Business One solution and make it your own. We also offer training and development opportunities so you can be self-sufficient and get the most from your system.

Who can benefit from our services?

Upgrading from a basic accounting package

After a certain growth point, it is important to let systems and processes manage the operations. Accounting or in-house software are woefully inadequate to handle this. If your business is at that inflection point, it is time to know what SAP BusinessOne can do for your business. By going beyond accounting. By keeping you in control of your entire business all the time.

Whatever your business, there is a SAP B1 solution for you. In your budget.

Current SAP implementation not serving your purpose

The secret to the success of SAP BusinessOne lies in who does the implementation. Aswini IT, an expert and committed SAP Partner to more than tens of customers, is the go-to-Partner for customers who are unfortunately saddled with flop implementation of SAP B1. We undertake the reparation with all the sensitivity it needs for a customer who is unable to benefit from the SAP you invested in. We ensure that our customer is quickly able to get his SAP B1 up & running, the way he wanted it.

We help put the ROI back in to your SAP Business One.

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