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Many Industries, One Solution

For Construction

SAP Business One for Construction & Real Estate Delivering 100% Go Live SAP BusinessOne Projects With growing complexities in operation and rising manpower costs in Construction and Real Estate, it becomes inevitable [...]

For Point of Sales

Empowers customers to buy whatever they want, when and where they want – quickly and efficiently! SAP Business One – Retail POS is a flexible and robust Retail POS Management solution integrated with SAP® Business [...]

For Real Estate & Property

SAP Business One for Real Estate and Property With near 100% client retention, AswiniTech has an integrated portfolio of business enhancement solutions for real estate and property management – from investment planning via sales and [...]

For Print & Publishing

React faster to new publishing market realities Like the music industry before it, the book publishing industry is going through rapid transformation, with emerging revenue streams such as eBooks, audio books and print on-demand gaining [...]

For Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

SAP Business One for Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences The pharmaceutical sector is one of those sectors which require huge investments. These days, regulatory guidelines are becoming tougher. Opposed to earlier, it has become very difficult [...]

For Professional Services

Gain Real-time Visibility With a SAP Business One Professional Services Solutions from ASWINITECH, you and your team gain full visibility across the services lifecycle. The reporting capabilities of SAP Business One means you get business-critical [...]

For Retail & Distribution

Streamline Processes in Retail and Wholesale Distribution With the ERP solution SAP Business One, you have your business under control: overview in the warehouse and of the costs for procurement and sales, comprehensive communication with [...]

For Manufacturing Industry

Small Medium Enterprise Manufacturing companies operate in a very fast paced and highly competitive environment, often having to react to short term changes in schedule and new orders that impact their ability to deliver on [...]