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You need a good process-driven system to run any business efficiently. Given the complexity in retail operations – vast number of SKUs, stock rotation, inventory planning based on size, style, colours, slow-moving/non-moving stocks, expiry dates, etc – it is inevitable to have a robust and comprehensive retail ERP. Our Retail ERP solution will help the entrepreneur and manager alike to manage all facets of retail operations efficiently and improve both productivity & profitability. With Retail ERP, your operations will be standardised, process will be complied by all, and decisions taken in a timely manner based on real-time data.

End-to-End Retail Solution

  • Robust Point of Sale
    Features like Touch screen POS, Billing – offline, tracking, quick bill/view, free schemes and till/terminal based cash/ receipt tracking provides easier migration path to the future of technological advancement. Label printing and Shelf ticketing. EAN/UPC support.
  • Inventory Management
    Tracking of perishable items, expiry items, fast / non-moving items. Stock movement, multi location stock handling features ensures proper inventory maintenance. Replenishment based on stock levels. Packaging and repacking options are established in our Retail POS.
  • Store Operations
    Till Management, cashier module, Petty cash, Weighing machine interface, queue busters. User authentication, rights management, Stock audit using handheld devices, bundle product offers, gift card and product level schemes induces sales with quick profits.
  • CRM & Loyalty
    Increased customer loyalty through home delivery, based oncustomer calls, customer purchase history with SMS alerts and customer order management. Pre-paid cards and loyalty cards are supported with loyalty points or discount configurations.
  • Purchase Management
    Products are the backbone of supermarkets & grocery so they have to be ordered at right time, right quantity preventing wastage.All these metrics are well identified in our POS solution.

Many Retail. One Solution

  • Super Markets & Grocery
  • Apparel & Footwear
  • Electronics
  • Salons & Spas
  • Hotels, Bakery & Fast Food
  • Pharmacies
  • Franchise network
  • Also Distributors


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