For Point of Sales

//For Point of Sales

Empowers customers to buy whatever they want, when and where they want – quickly and efficiently!

SAP Business One – Retail POS is a flexible and robust Retail POS Management solution integrated with SAP® Business One for retail businesses who need precisely managed store operations and consolidated store information for head office planning and analysis.

Visibility Drives Profitability

The retail industry in general is shifting quite dramatically – from taking a product-centric approach to adopting a customer-centric approach. This will affect all aspects of retailing. Loyalty is low, and customers are perfectly willing to abandon any retailer that cannot deliver. Yet many companies still rely on outdated and disconnected applications to manage their store operations, finances, distribution and resources. This lack of integration across the organization impairs visibility into operations, making it difficult to deliver results profitably, both on time and on budget.

SAP Business One – Retail POS help companies operate more profitably by delivering solutions built with its deep industry experience in the Retail industry. With SAP Business One – Retail POS, you can increase visibility into your business, maximize resource utilization, improve operational efficiencies, and acquire more loyal customers.

With SAP Business One – Retail POS, you can solve your most important problems today and position yourself to better manage the challenges of the future. SAP Business One – Retail POS provides a complete, integrated solution with built-in industry best practices to help efficiently manage your critical business processes, including financial management, sales, order & purchase management, inventory & supply chain, and time & expense management. As well as the advanced capabilities – including store operations, catalog, e-commerce, customer loyalty management and service-level management – that enables and enhance your unique competitive advantage.

Business Benefits

  • Expand profitability across channels and markets
  • Increase consumer loyalty and increase consumer base
  • Reduce high operating cost and efficient inventory and supply chain management
  • Efficient management of store and channel locations
  • Common platform and business-process integration
  • Dramatically improve customer shopping experience
  • Personalized consumer services and promotions
  • Ability to reach the consumer through his or her preferred channel at any time with personal services
  • Access to information about consumer’s behavior and shopping patterns; ability to develop customer insights
  • Custom-tailored, exciting shopping experience for each consumer

SAP Business One – Retail POS

SAP Business One – Retail POS has a host of features that make it a comprehensive solution for both POS and head office. An easy-to-use POS interface improves store efficiency, while reducing employee training time. Fully integrated accounting, audit trails for all transactions and multiple modes of secure data replication make operations safe and efficient. SAP Business One – Retail POS help businesses in the retail industry develop a solution to manage the company’s product distribution and retail sales. SAP has developed preconfigured modular solutions that combine SAP’s industry-specific functionality (including financial management, sales & order management and resource & operations management) with industry-standard best practices and a fixed-scope implementation. This enables SMEs to easily take advantage of the benefits offered by SAP, leveraging the knowledge and experience SAP has gained from working with many of the world’s leading retail industry companies. These preconfigured solutions and implementation services are also designed for predictable time-to-value and affordability, and they are available to license and deploy over time on a stepwise basis.

With SAP Business One for Retail POS, business establishments can perform all core activities related to financials, human capital management, corporate services, and operations. SAP’s collaborative solution allows for efficient operational planning and execution, ensuring that deliverables are clearly defined while leveraging knowledge gained in past engagements.