For Manufacturing Industry

//For Manufacturing Industry

Small Medium Enterprise Manufacturing companies operate in a very fast paced and highly competitive environment, often having to react to short term changes in schedule and new orders that impact their ability to deliver on time.

The advanced manufacturing functionality for SAP Business One includes powerful scheduling, capacity planning, routes and operations. It supports the make-to-order market, where capacity planning, scheduling, and utilization of shop floor resources are paramount, and where labor and machine costs are major profit drivers.

Our customers have seen planning time reduced by over 50%, improving responsiveness to changes in demand and allowing them to provide more accurate delivery estimates to their customers. Other benefits include, higher machine and labor utilization rates, reduced lead times and work in progress and the ability to calculate accurate and reliable order margins.

7 Reasons why Manufacturing Companies invest in SAP Business One

  • Provide secure and predictable delivery times
  • Calculate accurate and reliable order margins
  • Dramatically reduce planning time and improve responsiveness to demand changes
  • Gain higher machine and labor utilization rates, with fewer indirect hours
  • Reduce lead times and work in progress
  • Reduce held stock and therefore capital expenditure
  • Increase customer satisfaction

The modular design of SAP Business One for Manufacturing provides great flexibility and enables you to install the functionality your business needs: Key Features of SAP Business One for Manufacturing include:

  • Product Data Management
  • Bill of Materials/ Formulations
  • Co-product/By-Product/Scrap Management
  • Batch Control Management
  • Production Management
  • Ingredient Declaration
  • Quality Control
  • Complaint Management
  • Product Costing
  • Production Scheduling
  • Hand Held device & Data Collection

Business Benefits with SAP Business One for your organization include:

  • Outline the quantity of recycle product that can be used within the production of the product
  • Manage the supply & demand of products and materials across a number of different modes of operation
  • Simple yet flexible solution for creating process orientated bill of materials
  • Spend more time growing your business using newly streamlined operations instead of reacting to the details of day-to-day tasks
  • Greater product consistency through better visibility of quality results and faster reaction to in-process events
  • Lower costs through improved insight into manufacturing processes and controls that drive meaningful improvement projects
  • Form closer customer relationships via centralized information that makes it easier to manage customer communication and sales contracts
  • Lower your technology costs and achieve faster time to value by using a system that can be implemented quickly, is uncomplicated to maintain, and minimizes end-user training